Liner Installation

Specialist geomembranes, Liner supply, welding and installations for Lakes, Ponds and irrigation lagoons

All soils leak and some more than others depending on where you are located in the country. If clay is found on your land it does not always mean that it is suitable for pond construction and that it will be water tight. We are usually contacted when a customer has tried several attempts unsuccessfully and at great cost. In most cases the problem could have been avoided with some trial holes dug first and the soil tested. The only guaranteed solution is to install a high quality liner.

Using all the latest high tech welding equipment available, we supply and install either high quality Firestone butyl liners or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) welded liners tailored to your specific site. Whether it is to supply and install for an existing pond or lake, or one we have created for you as a complete construction and install package. Geo-membranes are also used increasingly in the refurbishment of old clay lined ponds and lakes that provide a more cost effective method of waterproofing.

Unlike many other companies we install each pond and lake in Somerset and Devon on an individual basis and no pre-fabricated liners are used which create untidy creases and folds. Our liner is installed and welded "in situ" following the contours of the marginal shelves giving a high quality finish.

We can leave the liner uncovered or completely disguise it within the pond to make it look more natural. We only install membranes with a minimum thickness of 1 mm, which is twice the thickness of products used by other companies but our prices are still amongst the most competitive. They are fully guaranteed and full quality control ensures 100% integrity, and will last for years in the exposed non-covered state as they have excellent chemical and UV resistant impermeability. We design and install an under-liner drainage system and if necessary build a pumping station.

We can provide complete technical advice and back up on all aspects of our liners, including anchor trenches, geotextile under-lays and pipe entries and exits. Liner and geo underlays samples can be shown when we make a site visit.

HDPE liner and geomembrane being installed for a Lake project in Cambridgeshire


Most of our customers are private clients requesting ponds and lakes and water storage reservoirs for golf course irrigation, winter storage reservoirs and lagoons for farmers & crop growers and lakes and reservoirs for amenities and the leisure industry. We also welcome enquiries from architects and garden landscape designers, and civil engineers in Somerset and Devon.

With any construction project, the end result is only as good as the project specification, materials and quality of workmanship and installation. Every lake we have constructed or refurbished and lined has been a successful installation and has turned an unsuitable piece of land into a valuable asset.

If you have a lake or reservoir lining project you would like to discuss, or would like more information, please give us a call, where we would be more than happy to help you.

A roll of HDPE liner being lowered into position for a lake construction
Underlay being installed in a lake
Excavator handling a roll of liner
HDPE liner being rolled out over geomembrane on a Lake project in Essex
HDPE liner being electrically welded together on site.
Liner installation finished and topsoiled around perimeter
Liner and geotextile Installation in large Lake
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