Decks and Bridges

A pond or lake can benefit from a bridge to link an island or extend a jetty out into the water to safely enter and exit a boat. Building a deck out into the lake can give a different viewpoint and create a wonderful place to relax and watch the wildlife and birds skimming across the water.

We can construct and advise on any of the following:

  • Falls, Cascades
  • Streams
  • Jetties, Decks
  • Bridges,
  • Floating Islands,
  • Boardwalks,
  • Decking and timber features,
  • Islands and stoney outcrops
  • Floating fountains and aerators
  • Paths and Walkways
  • Drainage
  • Restoration
Small deck feature on Pond in Devon
Oak Bridge installed over stream in Holsworthy devon
Two decks with a bridge linking over a large pond in Somerset
Large Oak cantilevered deck installed on a lake in Devon
Large cantilevered deck and jetty built beside a river in Cambridgeshire.
Large cantilevered deck and jetty built beside a river in Cambridgeshire.
Large jetty on large pond in Somerset
Large timber deck and jetty built on a Lake in Somerset
Sun lounger deck built beside a pond in Somerset

Water Features

Specialist construction of waterfeatures, waterfalls, streams and cascades, Fountains and aerators

For thousands of years, water has featured prominently in garden designs and there is nothing more pleasing and captivating than seeing water cascading into a pond. Whether it is gently flowing down a stream or tumbling and splashing over rocks and stones, water holds a fascination and can be used as a focal point to a new pond or can add an exciting new dimension to your existing one.

Each water feature we create is individually designed and constructed by hand to your requirements. We use hand selected natural stone from local quarries to compliment your surroundings and a high quality liner to prevent water loss. Pumps and filtration units, plumbing and electrical work are supplied, installed and certified for a safe environment, and are all carefully disguised and hidden from view
Water features not only enhance and compliment the existing attributes of a pond or lake they serve a practical function by aerating and oxygenating the water. They can be designed to suit budgets ranging from small domestic ponds to large ornamental lakes.

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