Wildlife ponds and large garden ponds working in harmony with the environment

Every garden or piece of land is unique and we strive to create ponds and lakes in Somerset and Devon from natural materials such as clays. If this is not possible, we specialise in fitting a high quality custom welded liner, and disguise it in such a way that the pond will look so natural you couldn’t even tell that it was lined.

We have the right expertise and equipment to sculpture your land and make shure that everything works successfully in a cost efficient manner even in the most sensitive of environments.

Our ponds and lakes are designed to suit your requirements, stand the test of time and weather. Visually enhance your property, as well as creating something of natural beauty and benefitting wildlife. We put a lot of thought and effort into our work and take great pride in being able to offer a professional efficient service and work to very high standards. A properly constructed pond or lake adds tremendous value to your property and brings immense pleasure to your life, and makes for a better environment in the process.

Large lakes constructed and Lined at Bittiscombe Manor Somerset
Large garden pond with sun lounger deck and liner installed in Somerset
Large ponds installed with liners fitted on a golf course
Large garden pond with butyl liner installed
Garden pond installation in Devon
Large wildlife pond constructed in Somerset
Woman diving into a lake in Exmore


Once we have met to discuss your proposed site and positioning and other details of your project, if required we can help you visualise your project further with cost effective drawings. Once the survey data has been collected from the field with a topographical survey, this can be turned into precise detailed drawings that will not only give the client visually a better idea of how it will look, but they are required for planning purposes, quantities and ultimately the setting out information.

Planning permission is almost always required by your local planning authority and If you prefer, we can put a detailed package together through our landscape architect and apply for planning permission on your behalf.

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