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Posted on 20th December 2018

Some interesting projects done in 2018

This is a round up of some of the interesting projects we have proudly worked on and carried out for clients who were more than delighted with what was created for them over the past several months in 2018. There were a mixture of projects some unusual but mainly creating ponds and lakes, lining of old ponds, creating new waterfeatures, liner intalations, building a 100m retaining wall for flood prevention which included a waterfall and a backfilling of a large swimming pool.

Wildlife pond in Quantock Hills

This was a 20m diameter wildlife pond created for a client who lives in the Quantock Hills in Somerset. The land was vee shaped and completely overgrown and had to be cleared including some trees and stumps that were removed. The pond was then excavated and shaped and the soils which were mainly of a shillet and stone were used to construct a dam embankment and to completely level out and landscape the garden. A butyl liner was fitted with underliner drainage and three large outfall pipes because of a likely surge of flood water entering the pond. A pumping station was added and disguised to the side of the pond to pump water from the pond up 30m to the head of a water feature. 

30m Heigh Waterfeature

This was created to join a stream flowing down from the Quantock Hills and diverted it past the property under a road through a large culvert pipe and cascade down to the adjoining pond as above. It was lined with a Firestone butyl liner to prevent water loss and was created with large boulder rocks wieghing between 1/2 and 3/4 of a tonne of natural local stone. The garden was landscaped and soiled around it and the pond and then was planted up and seeded to finish. The pumping station that was added pumped water up from the pond to the head of the water feature during summer months when the stream dried up.

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