Swimming Pool Demolish.

Posted on 20th December 2018

Swimming Pool Backfill

We were asked to backfill a swimming pool for a client because it was a danger to nearby children and was an eyesore.
We pumped the water out and removed all of the drebris from inside and around the pond and then punched holes in the bottom with a concrete breaker for drainage. We then demolished all of the concrete structures and blockwork around and all of the paving slabs which went into the bottom as hardcore and capped it off with imported stone. There were four sides of fencing timber and paneles that had to be removed also along with the pump house installation, electrical cableing and equipment to make everything safe and yards of pipework.

Capped pool area.

Once the pool was backfilled, we then capped the whole area off with scalpings and compacted to levels ready for the road forms to be installed. The ground around was excavated to create a shallow slope down to the pad area.

Concrete Pad.

The concrete was poured and allowed to set. Then the road forms were removed and the site tidied up and topsoiled and seeded around the pad.
The remaining shed in the background will be clad in timber to make it more attractive. Job done!

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