Planning and surveys

Planning permission is almost always required by your local planning authority, and this process can be a little discouraging at first, but we can help make this a painless task as we can provide a specialist and professional planning service for all our clients through our landscape architect and consultant with 30 years experience. It would take around 8-10 weeks to get a decision and provided everyone is fully consulted there is never usually a problem obtaining consent. Once we have met to discuss you proposed site and positioning, a topographical survey is the key to any project to establish accurate ground levels and the area available for positioning your Pond, Lake or Reservoir.
If you prefer, we can then put a package together and apply for planning approval on your behalf and contact the planning department for your area and get a preliminary meeting. We would then speak to the Highways and Environment Agencies and other interested parties such as Natural England on your behalf and pursue the application through the planning system to approval.
Once the survey data has been collected from the field, we can interperate our customers requirements and turn them into precise and cost effective drawings. These will not only give the client visually a better idea of how it will look, but they are required for planning purposes, quantities and ultimately the setting out information.
The ideal location should be on level ground with good free draining soil. This will ultimately reduce the costs of ground works as less substantial land drainage will be required. If your field is on a slope, then this is where construction costs can rise as we would have to carry out a cut and fill excavation to get the levels correct.

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