Desilting & refurbishment

We can restore the condition of older ponds and lakes that have been neglected over the years and suffer from nutrient problems. Specialising in de-silting anything from small garden ponds up to large lakes, we avoid environmental disruption where ever possible. De silting rejuvenates the ecological state and provides a welcoming return for wildlife and endangered species of pond life.
The photographs show how a pond was completely choked up with silt and reeds with no room for wildlife. Now since its restoration it is brimming with new life and enhancing the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Ducks and swans have returned to nest and swallows and bats gracefully skimming the waters surface once again.
The reeds, organic silt and other unwanted vegetation are carefully excavated out and great care is take not to damage any of the clay that may be lining the bottom and surrounds of the pond.  Once the silt is removed, it is transported and spread onto a near by field or paddock where it can be recycled back into the ground. The bank and margins are carefully trimmed and where any planting is to be saved we work carefully around to preserve anything that will help the pond recover as quickly as possible. All work is carried out with minimal fuss and disruption and everything is reinstated when work has been completed.

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