Ponds & Lakes

The design, construction and management are the three main operations involved in the successful completion of a new lake or pond. It requires imagination and a creative ability as well as a thorough knowledge of the construction process. It is common to see ponds and lakes that were not constructed properly resulting in an an unpleasant hole in the ground that given time will leak and is a disappointment for the customer. Redoing an improperly constructed pond or lake will always be more expensive than the initial pond construction.
Our ponds and lakes are designed to suit your requirements and visually 
enhance your property, as well as creating something of natural beauty and benefitting wildlife. We put a lot of thought and effort into our work and take great pride in being able to offer a professional efficient service and work to very high standards. A properly constructed pond or lake adds tremendous value to your property and brings immense pleasure to your life, and makes for a better environment in the process.
Proper planning and construction is essential and with our expert knowledge, skill and equipment we offer the complete service including,
  • Careful site preparation and organisation
  • Site surveying, drawings and plans if required
  • Shaping and landscaping and compaction
  • High quality guaranteed liners and geomembranes
  • Drainage systems and pumping stations
  • Stone locally sourced from Quarries
  • Earthmoving, excavations and transport
  • Construction of decks, jetties and bridges.
  • Using the latest specialist earthmoving machinery with low ground bearing tracks and tyres
  • Using fully automatic laser levelling devices and equipment
  • Full CPCS approved operators
  • Fully insured
  • Having an association with landscape architects and design consultants
  • Assist with planning applications and environment agency licenses
  • First class reinstatement
Every ones garden or piece of land is unique and we strive to create ponds and lakes from natural materials such as clays. If this is not possible, we specialise in fitting a high quality custom welded liner, and disguise it in such a way that the pond will look so natural you couldn’t even tell that it was lined. We have the right expertise and equipment to sculpture your land and make shure that everything works successfully in a cost efficient manner even in the most sensitive of environments. 

Earthmoving and Ground Works 

Perry James over the years has been involved with some interesting and challenging projects and is happy to look at your project and come up with some solutions whatever the problem your site may pose.

Perry James offers a complete service and can under take a variety of extra works including; Earthmoving, Dam construction and refurbishment, Car parks, Driveways, Gabion walling, Concrete Stable Bases, Stable yards and timber built stables, electrical and water pipe supplies, additional post and rail fencing, roads and tracks, land drainage and storm drain installations, Septic tanks and pumping systems, walling, Manage lighting, Landscaping and waterscapes construction.

No job is too big or too small.
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